Get to Know Your New Home

Turn to your local home inspection company before buying a home in Springfield, OH

Home inspection results are often make or break factors when buying or selling a home. From unregulated electrical wiring to elevated levels of harmful radon, a home inspection will let you know what's hiding in your prospective home.

Derby Property Inspections is your local, certified home inspection company serving the greater Springfield, OH area. As your local home inspector, we will inspect hidden wires, pipes and ducts for damage and advise you on necessary repairs. With our home inspections, you'll be sure of what your new home has to offer.


Inspect the unexpected

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, so why risk buying something before you know the full story? Derby Property Inspections provides home inspections that offer you:

  • A better understanding of the condition of a listed home.
  • Reports of any potential risks or problems before you buy.
  • Greater peace of mind and confidence.


Reach out to your local home inspector to schedule your pre-listing home inspection. Call Derby Property Inspections in Springfield, OH today.


Your home needs routine inspections

While pre-listing home inspections are a great idea, it's just as important to inspect your home routinely. At Derby Property Inspections, we know the importance of feeling safe inside your home. Our home inspection company offers routine inspection services to ensure that no issues have popped up at your home over time. Just like with pre-listing home inspections, our routine home inspections cover the structure, HVAC system, mechanical systems and other major components of your home. When you're in need of a local home inspector, call Derby Property Inspections. We serve the greater Springfield, OH community.